Thank You Jeff Bezos For Reminding Us Why We Should Practice Safe Sexting

Listen, I love Jeff Bezos. Why? Because he brought us all Amazon. Come on, you know what I mean. I know you also love nothing more than Priming something to yourself and only having to wait two days to get it in your hands, as opposed to the week or more we all had to wait pre-Amazon. Ugh, the nineties. What a struggle bus of a time to be alive.

What else do we have to thank Jeff Bezos for aside from the best thing to happen to the internet since Google? Nudes. Specifically, thank you Jeff Bezos for reminding us all why we shouldn’t send them and should instead practice safe sexting.

I pride myself on being your brutally honest e-friend who’s here to give you practical advice that most people probably won’t bring up to you (ok, except maybe your Mom if she’s anything like mine) and I think it’s time we have a candid chat about this sexy subject.

Let’s all rewind here in case you missed it. Jeff Bezos sent some very intimate pictures of himself to his new lady friend Lauren. Lauren then took those texts and promptly shared them with her best friend by forwarding it to her phone. Best friend of course then shared everything with The National Enquirer, like every good best friend does.

Although your private photos might not make it as far as Jeff Bezos down under did, there’s still a lesson to be learned here. Unless you are aspiring to have an adult, and not professional, career, don’t send private photos of yourself.

Boyfriends come and go, and relationships aren’t forever. Chances are good if one of your exes wants to get back at you, your personal photos can easily end up all over the internet in this day and age. Don’t ever give someone that much power over you.

Nudes are pretty much forever, and you don’t want to be circulating content that anyone can turn around and use against you. Instead, practice safe sexting and always omit the photo evidence. Or if you simply must send photos, leave out your face, noticeable surroundings, and obviously anything that can trace the photo back to you. That’s much harder to have come back and bite you in the ass. You’re welcome.

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