This Mom Was Charged After Bringing Her ‘Obviously Deceased’ Toddler Daughter To A Hospital & This Mom Let Her Toddler Daughter Be Beaten To Death While She Watched

Some people just should not be allowed to be Moms. I hate to even say it, but it’s true. It’s never truer when you start reading some of the news out there surrounding terrible things done to children.

Sierra Johnson and Rebecca Ashton Kinner are some of those people that should not be Moms. Yet, these two young Moms had children of their own. Sierra was charged after bringing her dead toddler to a hospital and you won’t believe the horrific details surrounding this poor little girl’s death.

Rebecca allowed her toddler daughter to be beaten to death in front of her while she watched and didn’t do a thing to stop it. Yes, you read that right. This Mom just let something unspeakable happen to her child and didn’t even care.

People who abuse their children are absolutely infuriating and once you read about what happened to these poor baby girls, you’re going to lose it.

Please prepare yourself before reading further, because the details of these stories are absolutely tragic

Fort Smith Police Department

This is Sierra Johnson. She is the 20-year-old Mom of 18-month-old daughter Kylah Woodard.

This young Mom and her toddler daughter lived together in Arkansas together in an apartment with Sierra’s 25 year old live in boyfriend Tyree La’Mont Williams.

She is now serving a prison sentence for what she did to poor little Kylah


One day, Sierra brought Kylah to an emergency room at a local Arkansas hospital. Kylah was not ok though. She wasn’t even alive when her Mom brought her in.

This poor little girl was “obviously deceased” when Sierra brought her in according to news station KHBS. What the heck happened to this beautiful little girl? Why did her Mom clearly wait awhile to get her the medical attention she probably needed? If she had been brought in earlier, could Kylah have been saved by the doctors?

“The medical staff there worked on the child there for quite a while. They tried to revive this child and unfortunately, they were unsuccessful,” Cpl. Anthony Rice of the Fort Smith Police Department said in a statement.

Why would this Mom wait so long to bring her daughter to a hospital?


The doctors at the emergency room called the police when they noticed the severe bruising on Kylah’s little body, and even on her head. That was not normal. That was not something that could have accidentally happened to this poor little girl. The doctors feared that something bad had been done to her.

Boy, were the doctors right. It turns out that Sierra’s boyfriend, Tyree, punched Kylah in her stomach multiple times. That’s right, this man didn’t punch this little girl once, he did it several times.

Sierra did nothing to stop this or any of the other abuse this poor girl endured. She just watched. She knew it was happening. This Mom did nothing to defend her daughter or protect her daughter. Kylah was just a child. How could she stand up for herself to a man so much larger than her?

The cause of her death was “blunt force abdominal trauma,” according to court documents and the medical examiner. This was all because Sierra’s boyfriend punched this poor little girl in the stomach. Her death could have been prevented if Sierra cared about her in the first place. That’s the most infuriating thing about this story.

Fort Smith Police Department

Sierra was charged for permitting the abuse of a minor and is now serving 10 years in prison. She deserves worse than this if you ask me. This sentence is not long enough. I still cannot believe a Mom could stand there and let someone abuse her child.

As for Tyree, Sierra’s boyfriend, he was overheard saying “sorry” while police escorted him from the Fort Smith Police Department to the Sebastian County Detention Center. Yeah, well, sorry doesn’t even begin to cut it, Tyree. A baby girl is dead because of you.

He even had the audacity to plead not guilty to what he did to Kylah. He did admit though that he punched her multiple times. His trial is still ongoing and if he is convicted, he’s going to jail for life. My heart breaks for this poor baby girl.

Fort Smith Police Department

Next, meet the Mom that let her toddler daughter be beaten to death while she did nothing

Butler County Sheriff’s Office

This is Rebecca Ashton Kinner. She’s a 23-year-old Mom of 2-year-old daughter Kinsley. They lived in Ohio.

“I am beside myself,” Sheriff Richard Jones told WCPO, “I have met some truly sick people in my career, people who have done terrible things and this, I can’t even begin to grasp. I am going to work closely with the Butler County prosecutor’s office to seek the highest punishment possible for the people who did this.”

That’s how bad this Mom treated her daughter. For a sheriff to comment that she is one of the sickest people he’s ever met means this is not going to end well.

You won’t believe what this Mom did to her poor toddler


Butler County Sheriff’s Office went to Rebecca and Kinsley’s home after Rebecca made a 911 call saying her daughter was not breathing.

They brought her to Atrium Medical Center in Middletown where medical staff there noticed that Kinsley had bruising on her throat, chin, and head.



“Medical staff advised (the girl) had no brain activity and was on a ventilator,” says the criminal complaint. Kinsley sadly succumbed to her severe injuries. This poor little girl.

“I was crying the whole time,” Scott Senft, Kinsley biological father, told FOX19 NOW after she tragically passed away.

“I can’t do nothing to deny it. I can’t fix it. I can’t bring it back. That’s my daughter, my baby, my girl, my everything.” What happened to poor Kinsley?


“Rebecca Kinner stated that she watched her boyfriend (Brad Young) shook and punched her two-year-old daughter in the head multiple times the day before she stopped breathing.

Rebecca made no attempt to come to her defense.” The criminal report says. That’s right, this Mom let her boyfriend beat her child while she just stood there. And watched. What kind of a Mom does this?

Rebecca let her boyfriend beat her child to death and she did absolutely nothing to stop or help her daughter


I can’t even begin to comprehend what kind of Moms allow their children to be abused to death in front of them while they do nothing. It’s infuriating, it’s maddening, and it just stays with you.

My heart breaks for poor Kinsley and Kylah. Their deaths could have easily been avoided if their Moms did the right thing. If they had intervened and not let this happen.

Next, this Mom’s baby was murdered by the most surprising person


Roxanne Randall lived in Oklahoma with her 19 month old son, Lincoln and her boyfriend Bert Franklin.

Yet, Roxanne and Bert’s relationship was far from normal.

Bert was a married father of four. Roxanne though, had no idea Bert was married.

That’s hardly the only shocking part of this story


The two had been together for a year, and Bert spent a majority of his time with Roxanne and Lincoln.

All seemed to be going well.

Bert and Lincoln got along well, and Roxanne was able to leave the two together for periods of time.


One day though…everything changed.

In a video through a home surveillance camera a shocking discovery was made.

It would forever change the live of Bert, Roxanne, and 19 month old Lincoln.


Bert was living a double life according to sources.

He allegedly had two facebook pages and lived “a complete lie…everything was a lie.”

However, still sources close to Roxanne said “nobody saw this coming…not a single person.”  


There is one person who maybe could have suspected Bert to act violent.

That person, was Lincoln’s biological father.

He apparently had been trying to see Lincoln for a few months.

Bert caught wind of this and sent a text to Lincoln’s father threatening him.


While Lincoln’s father escaped with just a threat.

Lincoln himself was not so lucky.

What this home video surveillance revealed is truly shocking.


Roxanne was upstairs in her home, while Lincoln and Bert were downstairs.

She heard a “loud thud” against the wall but, Bert assured her that it was the dog playing ball and Lincoln was asleep.

When Roxanne got downstairs she realized that the thud she heard was not a ball at all…


Instead that thud was Lincoln being thrown against the wall.

She got downstairs only to him Lincoln unconscious and limp in the arms of Bert.

Who was walking around with Lincoln eating a pizza.

How could somebody do such a thing to a child?!


Roxanne immediately called 911, and Lincoln was transported to the hospital.

It was determined that Lincoln was suffering from severe head trauma.

She asked Bert “are you sure Lincoln didn’t fall or something whenever you guys were outside or whenever you guys were downstairs?”

You won’t believe what he said

Tulsa County Jail

His answer? “No, and I told you that noise was me throwing the ball at the wall.” 

Lincoln later died from his injuries.

Bert is currently facing murder charges and is being held without bail.

This Beautiful Mom Was Murdered In Front Of Her Own Children


Aregay Tesfamariam and Tringo Ferede-Tesema were a Washington State couple, who had been married for over 25 years.

Together the couple had two children.

Aregay had fallen ill with kidney failure, and was beginning to lose his vision due to his diabetes.

Seattle Pi

Tringo remained by his side during this trying time.

However, Aregay began to suffer from delusions.

He began to think his loving wife was out to get him.

Aregay’s delusions began to escalate to a dangerous level…


In 2004 Tringo was granted a domestic-violence protection order protection against Aregay.

She told authorities that Aregay would “grab [her] hair and hits [her] face.”

However, the protection order expired later on in 2004…


Among other things Tringo told authorities that Aregay also “threatens to kill me, our children and himself and I believe he is serious.

The couple’s children, who remain nameless, also expressed fear of their father to authorities.

Stating they “feared leaving her [their mother] alone while they went to school and sometimes slept with their mom to guard her.” 


The children recall some of their father’s abusive behavior towards their mother growing up.

Allegedly Aregay would lock Tringo outside some nights and throw her cooking against the wall.

Their children lived in constant fear of what might happen to their beloved mother.

Seattle Pi

On August 23, the children’s worst nightmare became a reality.

The couple’s adult son was home and watched the tragedy unfold.

Despite his best efforts…he was not able to save his mother’s life.


It all started when the couple’s son heard Tringo screaming from the kitchen.

Their son raced to the kitchen only to find his father standing over his mother with a knife in his hand.

In the moments after this their son tried to break a glass vase over his father who continued to stab his mother.

Seattle Pi

Tringo tried to run out of the house to escape Aregay – despite already being stabbed twice.

Aregay chased Tringo outside.

A mailman saw Aregay continue to stab Tringo in the driveway and called local authorities.

The Reporter

Authorities found Aregay covered in blood and still holding a knife.

Aregay admitted to “stabbing his wife ‘a bunch’ of times.”

He told authorities that he was “trying to kill his wife” and “that he intended to kill himself as well.”

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