26 Affordable Geeky Rings You Never Knew Existed

Super Mario Bros


Almost makes you feel as invincible as you do when Beyoncé does “Single Ladies” live.

Just kidding, it’s not even almost.

geekandfreak/Etsy – $18

Star Wars


I know, mushy stuff, but at least this line came some time before those two got hitched.

And, uh, I guess maybe Han and Leia aren’t the greatest example for couples to follow, anyway.

ThinkGeek – $20

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  1. Yes Han and Leia are a good example. Just stick with the true canon and not Disney’s cheap imitations. A lot of things happened and there were mistakes but they always came out strong. Disney should be ashamed. Also ugh Phasma. How about a Luke/Mara one?

  2. I’d just like to point out that dragons have NOTHING to do with Wicca… and it’s not really something you dabble in. But the ring is pretty f-ing cool.

  3. For crap sake…put all the damn pictures on the same f-ing page and let us scroll. The adverts are the same any way! I didn’t even finish it was so annoying.