Wife Sews Listening Device On Cheating Husband, Grabs A Wig, Then Hops A Train To Kill His Young Mistress

Jennair Gerardot was a 47-year-old wife who lived in Deleware with her husband, Mark Gerardot.

Jennair and Mark were both originally from Indiana.

They married back in 1993 when they were in their young twenties, and had been married for 24 years before things took a terrible turn.

Although Jennair and Mark frequently posted things on social media that made their friends and family think they had an amazing marriage, their relationship was completely falling apart.

Nobody ever would have guessed that their lives would spiral out of control and become deadly.

Facebook; Mark and his wife Jennair smile together while out at a restaurant in the photo above

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Jennair and Mark started getting into blowout fights with each other not too long into their marriage.

Jennair always needed to have the last word, and this would end up taking a big toll on Mark.

And then, money started to become a major issue for this married couple.

Jennair and Mark suffered along with the 2008 financial crisis, but in 2011, the two moved to South Carolina to work in new marketing jobs.

Facebook; Jennair and Mark smile along with their dog in the photo above

South Carolina is well known for having beautiful beaches and scenic hiking trails.

Jennair and Mark took advantage of enjoying the new beauty in their surroundings.

Things started getting better between the two and their marriage was turning around.

This sadly would not last very long for them…

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