A Woman’s Bone-Chilling Screams Were Heard On A Ring Video Doorbell & Police Need Your Help Now That They Have Identified A Major Clue

Nobody ever expects to catch what this person terrifyingly did on their Ring video doorbell, and it’s been making rounds on the internet.

On November 12th at around 11 in the evening, a woman’s 30 seconds of bone-chilling screams were captured on video footage from a Ring video doorbell.

This all happened in a Los Angeles neighborhood known as Leimert Park, in the 3800 block of Third Avenue.

The resident that called this in to the police and also captured the footage said that a car sped off with the screaming woman inside of it.

This person also told the police that they could hear a man apologizing to the woman before driving away with her into the night.

KTLA5; pictured above the homeowner who originally caught the woman screaming is pictured above on her front porch

Other neighbors in the area thought that the man was pulling the woman’s hair and holding her pretty much against her will in the car.

After weeks of investigating, receiving 30 different tips, and collecting several different types of security footage from the neighborhood where this happened, police have identified a major clue.

The Los Angeles Police Department is now saying that the car in question is a white Toyota Matrix with dark rims, from 2003 to 2008.

Los Angeles Police Department; pictured above is an image of the car the LAPD recently released

The car was last spotted on Obama Boulevard and Greyburn Avenue before the driver sped away.

The police are still not sure who the screaming woman is or if a crime has taken place, but considering the concerning footage and comments from the neighbors who witnessed the incident, they are still investigating the case.

If you have any information related to this case, please call the Los Angeles Police Department at 213-485-6570.

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