Harry Styles Offered To Watch This Adorable Puppy While His Owner Picked Up A Takeout Order

Rory Caroll is a sports correspondent for Reuters who lives in Los Angeles. He took his 6-month-old puppy named Oscar with him one evening as he headed out to pick up a takeout order.

When he got to the Oaks Gourmet Market in Franklin Village, he realized they would not allow him to quickly duck inside the restaurant to grab his order with Oscar in tow.

Understandably, Rory is very protective of Oscar and did not want to just leave him outside.

What was Rory to do? Luckily, this kind celeb stepped in to give him and Oscar a helping hand!

Well, Harry lent a helping paw in Oscar’s case.

Twitter; pictured above is Harry Styles holding onto Oscar’s leash

“I was outside a restaurant in Hollywood trying to pick up my take out order but couldn’t go in because I was with my puppy,” Rory posted on Twitter.

“Harry Styles saw my predicament, tapped me on the shoulder and said he could watch Oscar while I went in. What a guy,” Rory added.

Twitter; pictured above is Rory’s original tweet about the surprising celeb run-in he had

That’s right, Harry Styles, the famous British songwriter, actor, and singer, was more than happy to keep an eye on Oscar for Rory that night.

All of this went down on January 17th, 2018, at 11:26 in the evening according to Rory. He never really told anyone and kept the picture he snapped of Harry and Oscar all to himself for basically two years.

Twitter; pictured above Rory shares the exact date, time, and location of his Harry and Oscar photo

That was until someone posted on Twitter asking, “What’s ya most awkward or interesting celebrity interaction you have had?”

If not for the person and Rory seeing that thread, we might never have come across this absolutely amazing photo of Harry and Oscar!

It is pretty cool to know that Harry is a dog lover and clearly a very nice guy. And that after he completed his good deed, he was totally ok with Rory snapping a quick photo of the whole thing.

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