She Got Fired By Best Buy For Taking Down A Shoplifter, But The UFC President Wants To Hire Her And This Is Her Side Of The Story

Summer Tapasa-Sataraka lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and was working for Best Buy over the holidays when she took down a shoplifter.

The video of what she did went viral, and Best Buy fired her over it. But now, the UFC president wants to hire her.

Taking to Facebook, Summer shared her side of the story, saying she saw the shoplifting man just days before he tried to steal from the store on her watch.

Facebook; Summer is pictured in the above black and white photo

“He did the same thing on Saturday when another AP girl was working. He got away with the exact same product he was tryna steal on this night,” Summer explained in her post.

“He walked right out of the store with the item as if it was normal. I saw it happen when I was coming into Best Buy to shop but too far to do something about it. I was off the clock then.”

She then saw him come back into the store on a day she was working, and he attempted to steal the exact same item.

Instagram; pictured above Summer stops the shoplifter

“When I recognized him when he came into the store, I kept my eye (the cameras) on him,” Summer shared.

“He went for the same speaker & when he saw that one exit was busy, he ran for the other one closest to me & I just kept thinking.. not today!!”

“The fact that he’s so comfortable with just coming in & walking out with stuff is what I had to stop.”

“I didn’t do this for anybody. Not for Best Buy. Not for the managers or the corporation. Not for Clout. I did this bc he needs to know, this needs to stop,” Summer went on to say about why she did what she did.

“As for my job. It is exactly that. Just a job. Sure I’ll get terminated for contact and going against my SOP, but I’ll be fine,” She said.

“Prior to this incident, I had put in my two weeks to fulfill another career path.”

Even though Summer already had a career change in mind, Dana White, the president of the UFC, has said that he intends to offer her a job…

…Right after he flies her to Las Vegas on January 18th for the fight between Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Conor McGregor.

Here’s Dana’s offer, below, along with the video of Summer stopping the shoplifter.

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