The Jonas Brothers Took To Social Media To Recreate One Of The Most Classic Kardashian Fights And It’s Pretty Amazing

Ah, the Kardashians. Regardless of whether you like them or don’t you have to admit: for well over a decade now this family has been gifting us with some pretty classic moments and hysterical quotes, which is the reason we’re still tuning into their hit TV show.

Do you remember the Bentley fight that happened on season two in episode seven and went down in KUWTK history?

Allow me to provide you with a quick rundown before I present the Jonas Brothers to recreate it for you.

Instagram; pictured above are stills from the amazing recreation

At the time, Kim had purchased a brand new white Bentley for herself, before turning on Khloé and accusing her of being completely jealous of her.

Kim beats her with her handbag, then yells, “Don’t be f***ing rude!!”

Kim then punches Khloé, hits her, and leaves. You can watch it below before I show you the perfectly recreated moment brought to you by the Jo Bros.

I’m not sure what inspired the Jonas Brothers to redo the Bentley fight, but it’s exactly what you need to see this week for a good laugh.

Joe stars as Kim, Nick is Khloé, and Kevin is Kourtney, except he didn’t really stick to the script. But that’s ok.

Take it away, boys!

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Don’t be Rude!

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Once Kim and Khloé saw their version, they quickly let their approval be known.

I definitely want them to recreate more moments from the show now.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below!

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