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This Zoo Director Is Being Called A Hero For What He Did To His Animals In The Face Of Bushfires

Chad Staples is the director of the 81-acre Mogo Zoo located in Mogo, Australia.

The Mogo Zoo houses Australia’s biggest and most diverse collection of primates, and they also have snow leopards, red pandas, tigers, lions, giraffes, and southern white rhinos.

Bushfires have been a big issue in the country lately, and Chad’s small coastal zoo ended up right in the way of the blazing devastation.

Not wanting any harm to come to the 200 animals he watches over and considers family, Chad did something heroic.

“It was like Armageddon, it was black as midnight with tinges of red,” Chad said to ABC.

“There were calls for evacuation of the town at about 6 am this morning, but the zoo’s plan was always to defend the site as we can make it safe here for the animals.”

Facebook; Chad posted the above photo and you can clearly see how scarily close the fires burned to the zoo

“And thanks to the amazing team that just loves these animals like they’re family, we were able to do so. It was amazing.”

Chad and his team of 15 of the zookeepers kept the zoo grounds and animal enclosures well-watered with hoses and sprinklers to help prevent the fires from spreading.

They put out several fires around them. They kept their animals as calm as they could.

Facebook; Chad is pictured above smiling along with Rebel Wilson

And then, Chad decided to take some of the animals he loved so much home with him to make sure they were out of the way of the fires.

He moved some of the zoo’s smaller animals like red pandas and monkeys right in with him to keep them safe.

“Right now in my house there are animals of all descriptions in all the different rooms so they’re safe and protected.”

Although the fire did completely demolish the town of Mogo itself, the zoo is still standing and the animals are ok for right now.

Talk about a true animal lover! You go Chad, and I know I speak for all of us in saying I hope he and all of the animals and zookeepers stay safe.

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