Farrah Abraham Lets Her 10-Year-Old Daughter Sophia Whiten Her Teeth And She’s Getting Dragged On The Internet Over It

Well, it’s really not news that former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has come under fire for a lot of her parenting practices.

The internet pretty much routinely takes issue with how Farrah parents her daughter.

Just last month Farrah shared a video of her 10-year-old daughter Sophia twerking on her TikTok account, which had a lot of moms upset that this wasn’t age-appropriate behavior.

Farrah also homeschools Sophia so she can travel the world with her, and she lets Sophia wear makeup, which are two other things people have taken issue with lately.

Farrah has also has been criticized for exploiting Sophia and trying to make money off of her.

What is news is that Farrah lets Sophia whiten her teeth, and now she’s getting dragged on the internet over it.

Instagram; Sophia checks the whiteness of her teeth in the above photo

In a post on Sophia’s Instagram account, the 10-year-old is featured in a video using a teeth-whitening kit, and a woman is explaining to her how to do it.

The post came along with the caption, “Love taking care of my hygiene in a safe and easy way.”

Off the bat, a lot of Instagram users took issue with the fact that there was no way a 10-year-old wrote that caption…it sounded like Farrah did.

Things spiraled out of control quite quickly, with most people pointing out that they didn’t think it was safe for a child to be using any kind of teeth whitening products.

Instagram; Sophia whitens her teeth, above

Others said that Sophia is too young to be worrying about beauty standards like having white teeth at her age and that Farrah doesn’t let her kid just be a kid.

One mom commented on the post with, “Don’t want to sound hateful, any dentist I’ve asked won’t whiten teeth until 18. Is this a special kit for kids??”

An Instagram user that actually works for a children’s dentist replied with, “Working in a children’s dental office you’re not supposed to whiten your teeth until your at least 16 / 17, it can damage your teeth if you do it too young.”

Another mom said, “I have three kids and would never do this to them. Kids are perfect the way they are.”

“They shouldn’t feel like they need this maintenance at this age. She shouldn’t even be thinking about such a thing.”

Someone else replied with, “Wtf! I don’t believe these are meant for kids! Her teeth look FINE!!”

“It’s her self absorbed mother rubbing off on her in a very bad way!”

“Up next will be plastic surgery and injections because sadly that’s all she knows. Sophia is already a pretty little girl.”

“Her mom NEEDS TO STOP!”

What do you think about Farrah letting Sophia whiten her teeth at just 10-years-old?

Let me know in the comments below.

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