Mom Of 3 Murdered By Husband On Cruise Ship Murder Mystery Night After ‘She Wouldn’t Stop Laughing At Him’

Kristy then asked for a divorce, right after she insisted that Kenneth should get off the cruise ship when they arrived in Juneau and fly back home to St. George, Utah.

Kenneth told the children they had to leave their room, so they went next door to the room they were sharing with other members of their family.

Just moments after the children had left their parents’ room, Kristy was screaming at the top of her lungs.

Facebook; Kristy holds up a fish in the photo above

Her children desperately tried to open the door that joined their room to their parents’ room, but Kenneth commanded them to stay out of there.

“Don’t come in here,” Kenneth told the kids according to court documents.

The children then rushed to the balcony of the room, which was connected to the balcony of their parents’ room, and what they witnessed out there was horrifying.

Kristy was laying on the floor of their balcony, and Kenneth was standing over her, repeatedly punching her head.

Kristy’s own husband hit her over and over again.

Facebook; Kristy smiles in the above photo while holding a drink

Kristy’s brothers and her father heard the commotion and were able to enter their room.

As they did so, they saw Kenneth try to drag Kristy’s body further out onto the balcony. A brother of Kristy’s intervened and grabbed onto her ankles, dragging her back inside of their room.

Then, the ship’s security and medical teams arrived and desperately tried to save Kristy’s life, but sadly they were too late.

Kenneth then tried to jump overboard off the cruise ship according to witnesses, but employees held him back and physically had to restrain him from doing so.

Kristy died due to blunt force trauma to her face and head, from her own husband beating her to death.

Court documents state that Kenneth admitted to one of the witnesses that he killed Kristy because “she would not stop laughing at me.”

Kenneth admitted that he did strike Kristy “once with a closed fist, seeing blood and striking Kristy Manzanares another time, and stated he had no memory after that point,” according to more of the court documents.

Kenneth recently pled guilty to the first-degree murder charges against him. He will be sentenced on May 28th or 29th of this year.

“We at the FBI continue to keep the family and friends of Kristy Manzanares in our thoughts,” Jeffery Peterson, an FBI Special Agent in Charge of the Anchorage Field Office, said in a statement.

“The full resources of the FBI were apparent in this investigation, led by FBI Anchorage Special Agents in the Juneau Resident Agency and supported by our partners, all of whom worked fiercely to ensure justice on behalf of the victim of this heinous crime.”

Facebook; Kristy, Kenneth, and their family are pictured together above

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