She Was Dumped For Being Disabled, But Now This Puppy Has A Loving Family And A LEGO Wheelchair

Gracie is an absolutely adorable girl, but she was sadly dumped by her original owners for being disabled.

She was born without both of her front legs.

Her owners took her to a local animal hospital located in Kennesaw, Georgia, and when she arrived, the staff noticed that Gracie was crawling with maggots.

Facebook; Gracie naps in the photo above

The animal hospital Gracie ended up dropped off at got in contact with a rescue called Mostly Mutts so they could help find Gracie a loving home.

Gracie never ended up being offered up for adoption though…

…The Executive Director of Mostly Mutts, Tammy Turley, ended up falling in love with Gracie.

Tammy had no problem caring for Gracie despite her disability since she already had a disabled dog and another three-legged dog.

Gracie fit right in with her new siblings!

Facebook; Gracie looks very happy with her new friend in the above photo

Tammy and her family noticed that Gracie could get around quite well by using her hind legs and kind of hopping.

They couldn’t get Gracie her own wheelchair since she was just a tiny puppy and still growing. She wouldn’t even fit in one!

Tammy and her family were also quite concerned that Gracie’s way of getting around could potentially impact her health later down the road, so a friend of Gracie’s came up with a clever solution for her.

One of the young volunteers at Mostly Mutts, 12-year-old Dylan, built Gracie a little LEGO wheelchair of her own.

Facebook; Gracie uses her first LEGO wheelchair in the photo above

Since it was entirely made of LEGOs, it was easy to adjust as Gracie grew.

When she finally did outgrow her first LEGO wheelchair, she got a second, bigger one to help her zoom around.

Facebook; Gracie uses her second LEGO wheelchair, above

Even though Gracie had a very sad start to her life, she is a happy and well-loved girl now!

You can follow along with Gracie and all of her adventures on Facebook here.

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