A Canadian Couple Is Getting Death Threats After They Bought Out All Of The Meat At A Local Grocery Store

Panic purchasing is still a very real problem, and not only here in America. A Canadian couple is now getting death threats after they bought out all the meat at a local grocery store.

Dan Marcotte is from Lake County in British Columbia, Canada. He and his girlfriend headed out to a Save-on-Foods store to buy up everything they could get their hands on.

Castanet posted a video of the couple going through the store and proceeding to fill up two whole shopping carts just with meat.

Now, this video of the two of them has gone viral, and the internet is coming for them over it.

“They proceeded to brag to everyone at the till that they ‘cleaned house’ and ‘there’s nothing left for anyone to get’… and laughed about ‘hoping they could pay for it all,” Taylor Born said on Facebook about what happened.

“I felt SO sorry for the poor staff, they looked just as disgusted as every customer in the store. I am appalled at our society, this is ridiculous!!”

Here’s what Dan had to say about what he did.

Facebook; pictured above is one of the couple’s shopping carts at the checkout line

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