Alabama Mom’s Boyfriend Beat Her 1-Year-Old To Death After Fracturing His Skull And Putting Him On Life Support

Saturday, March 7th, started out as a normal workday for 23-year-old mom Natasha McGee, whose family affectionately calls her Tasha.

She got ready, left her house in Birmingham, Alabama, a little before 5 in the morning, and left her son who had just turned 1 on February 28th with her boyfriend.

But little did she know, she would be back home for a disaster by 7:30 am.

Tasha frequently left her 1-year-old son Jayden McGee in the care of her boyfriend, 35-year-old Christopher Eugene Knight.

She thought nothing of it. He had never given her a reason to be concerned about his behavior around her son.

She trusted Christopher. The man was even a father himself, though not the biological father of Jayden.

“Over the weekend while Tasha was at work she received a call from the man she trusted to watch her son Jayden,” Tasha’s family shared on a GoFundMe page.

“He told her that Jayden was having trouble breathing. The unimaginable came next when he refused to call 911 for help.”

Instead, Christopher just told her she needed to come home and see Jayden.

Tasha rushed home as quickly as she could after getting the disturbing call from Christopher.

GoFundMe; Jayden smiles in the photo above

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