Mom Goes Viral For Insisting Right Now Is The Time To Be Checking In On Your Sober Friends And What She Has To Say Is Pretty Powerful

Celeste Yvonne is a mom and writer living in Reno, Nevada with her family. She’s going viral for insisting right now is the time to be checking in on your sober friends, and what she has to say is pretty powerful.

“First it was two weeks of self-isolation. Okay, I’ve got this. Kids are on spring break anyway. We’ll just make the most of it,” she started out her post on Facebook by saying.

“Then the news started chattering about longer periods. School out for a month. Small businesses too. And my world — and everyone else’s — seemingly got a heck of a lot smaller overnight.”

“For the majority of humanity it seems, this is was a call to drink. “Stock up on booze!” “Wine delivery for the win!”

Facebook; Celeste’s kids play together in the photo above

“And for the growing population of people like me who have a toxic relationship with alcohol? Those of us who are sober or in recovery or just really struggling with our drinking? This is what I would call — “Oh sh*tttttt”.”

“This is like the worst-case scenario I’ve always imagined. I would tell myself that as long as I’m connected, as long as I work, and as long as I keep showing up, I’m good. I’m sober. I’m strong.”

“But I’m not working now, I have nowhere to go. In fact, I’ve been ordered to stay home. That little voice, the one that always finds me when I’m feeling weak, crept back into my head. “If there was ever a time to let go, this is it…” it whispered in my ear.”

“Only this is NOT it. This is actually the worst time to drink.”

“In times of trouble, I need a focused, clear head. I need my anxiety at bay. I need to remain strong for my health, my kids, my sanity.”

“Sometimes it feels like the world is at odds with sober people. Actually, most of the time. And right now, in the midst of a pandemic, now feels like everything and everyone is against us…”

“This is not the apocalypse. We will overcome this. And on the other side of all of this, I guarantee your ‘why’ is going to be stronger than ever. I promise the value of sobriety will be more in focus and technicolored than you’ve ever seen or felt.”

Facebook; Celeste is pictured above holding up an important message

“Because once the storm has cleared and the fog has lifted, the sun will shine. And it will be so f**** bright you’ll need some styling shades.”

“Going it sober is how I’ll get through this. It is worth it. Every f**** day it is worth it. And if you’re considering sobriety or concerned with your toxic relationship with alcohol, may I first say “Welcome, you are not broken. You are in good company,” and second, I cannot think of a better time to start new healthy habits than a crisis. A time when God has literally slammed down the fist and said: “Stop everything!”

“A dry quarantine is like Dry January but much more exciting because we are essentially the most non-trendy thing on earth right now. So take a seat, put your feet up and take a deep breath.”

“And check on your sober friends stat. Share this message. Call them and remind them they are not alone. Not at all.”

“Sober is how we’ll get through this. Scratch that… sober is how we will OVERCOME and kick this pandemic’s a**. Stay strong, and keep your shades on standby.”

You can check out Celeste’s original post here.

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