Parent Asks The Internet What To Do After Daughter Nearly Died In An Accident And Her Teacher Had Some Highly Inappropriate Things To Say To Her About Surviving

I don’t even know how to begin to process this one because it’s so upsetting. I’ll get right to it so you can start.

A parent recently asked the internet what to do after their daughter nearly died in an accident…

…And her teacher had some highly inappropriate things to say to her about surviving.

“My 14-year-old daughter was in a car accident a couple of months ago, a very horrific car accident,” this parent started out their post by saying.

“It’s still really difficult to talk about, I think she’s dealing with it better than I am really.”

“She was not supposed to survive, but thank God and all higher powers and beings, she did.”

“She was finally able to begin transitioning back to school last week.”

“Her teachers were briefed on everything that happened every step of the way once we were out of the woods, so we could create a plan with her doctors to keep her as on track with school as we could manage while she was still recovering.”

“There was a point at the beginning where we were told she would never be fully functioning again.”

“And we told the school this when they first reached out.”

“It is really a medical miracle that she came back from this brink.”

“It was already a colossal psychological burden on her to cope with everything that happened.”

“And there were the natural questions of “why did I survive this wreck and some others involved did not survive.” She is working with a trauma counselor, but it’s still a lot.”

“Then she goes back to school and on only the second day, one of her teachers has the audacity to pull her aside and say (I wasn’t there so I am paraphrasing the overall message as my daughter recounted it) “I hope you realize how lucky you are to have survived that accident. My sister was killed in an auto accident and there is no reason you should’ve survived and she shouldn’t have.”

“My daughter, understandably, responded, “I am sorry that happened.” But then had no idea what to say.”

“The teacher followed up with “Doesn’t that ever bother you? Why did you have access to the healthcare others don’t, why were you in the right place when others were in the wrong place?” And my daughter was speechless, so after a few seconds, the teacher stormed off.”

“My daughter was heartbroken and I was fuming. I went right into the principal’s office and demanded an explanation.”

“He brought the teacher in and the teacher apologized and said her remarks were inappropriate.”


“A couple days after that happened (today) the principal called me in for an off-hours meeting and said he’d begun filing my complaint when I made it because that was procedure, but was I sure I wanted to go through with it now that the teacher had apologized, because otherwise whatever came of filing it will be marked on her permanent record.”

“I wanted to say “Hell yeah, file it.” But I told him I’d take the rest of the day to think about it, because I began to worry that I wasn’t having much compassion for someone who had also gone through something terrible.”

“I’m way too close to this on all sides, and all the people I’d trust enough to advise me on this issue are also involved with the school, so I’m holding off.”

“Am I the a**hole if I go through with the formal complaint?”

Here’s what the internet has to say.

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