She Wants To Have An Intervention With Her 300-Pound Friend For Wearing A Bad Bikini And Is Asking The Internet For Solutions

I’m just going to start out by saying this one isn’t quite what you think it is.

A woman wants to have an intervention with her 300-pound friend for wearing a bad bikini, and now she’s asking the internet for solutions.

She’s actually very well-meaning, and here’s what she has to say.

“…My friends are really split about this so I would like some input.”

“My friends and I rented a yacht for a bachelorette party. One of my friends is getting married. There are seven of us, but a lot of people are coming to the party.”

“One of my friends, let’s call her Tori is a larger woman. Around 300 pounds.”

“She loves how she looks, she is happy with her weight. All of us love her, we have been friends for years.”

“Last year, we went to a couple of pool parties, the beach together.”

“Each time Tori wore this really unflattering, barely-there string bikini.”

“Each time she got a lot of rude stares and negative comments. We always ended the evening consoling her, yet she wore it several times.”

“Me, the bride, and another friend want to have like an intervention, about the bikini. Then we can all go shopping for new ones together.”

“Our other three friends think that this makes us a**holes and that we are body-shaming her, so we shouldn’t do it. They say she should wear whatever she wants.”

“I personally think that this is the bride’s party, people should be focused on her instead of Tori, and it would not be a big deal if Tori got a new swimsuit.”

“Help us settle this; if we told Tori to wear a more flattering swimsuit would we be a**holes?”

“If it was just us girls on a yacht we wouldn’t care. Every time she wears this suit she ends the night upset or in tears,” she added.

Here’s what the internet had to say; they provided a great and kind solution for this.

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