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89-Year-Old Beekeeper Heartbroken After Someone Maliciously Burned Down His Property And Now The Internet Has Raised Over $30k To Help Him Rebuild Everything

Ron Hoskins is an 89-year-old beekeeper who lives in Stanton Park, England, and has devoted pretty much his entire life to his bees.

He started his passion back in 1943, and he is world-renowned for his hard work with bees and things he has been able to teach others about them.

Just a few weeks ago, someone maliciously burned down his property.

David, his son, said, “On Monday, March 16 some lowlife burned down his sheds and greenhouses and kicked over a lot of his beehives, doing thousands of pounds worth of damage.”

Who could do something so heartless to an elderly man? The good news is, the internet is really coming together to help him rebuild everything he lost.

GoFundMe; pictured above is some of the damage done to Ron’s property

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