A Bar Owner Took Down Over $3,000 Of Stapled Bills From Her Walls So She Could Pay Her Employees And What She Did Moved Locals To Do Something Too

I’m sure you can think back to a restaurant you’ve been in before where you saw money hanging up on the wall.

Sometimes this money is from the first days the place opened; other times this money can have good wishes or messages from customers.

For The Sand Bar located on Tybee Island in Georgia, the bills hanging on their walls had become something of a tradition from 15 years ago.

Jennifer Knox, the owner of The Sand Bar, starting stapling the bills to her walls after her customers had written things on them, and her walls were pretty much covered in money.

That was, until recently.

After the pandemic hit, Jennifer had to shut her doors, only offer curbside pickup, and lay off some of her valued staff members.

But, she came up with one clever way to help out her employees who were left without jobs.

Facebook; pictured above are some of the bills stapled to the bar wall, along with a mermaid painting

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