Dad Drugs, Stabs Wife, 3 Young Children, Family Dog In Disney Home, And Lives There For Weeks While They Rot: His Relatives Think He Did This Due To Witnessing His Own Mom’s Attempted Murder

Bad things aren’t supposed to happen at Disney World, let alone next to it.

Megan Todt met her husband Anthony, who goes by Tony, back in high school. The two were, by all means, high school sweethearts, and seemed very much in love.

They went on to get married and have three young children together; 13-year-old Alek, 11-year-old Tyler, and 4-year-old Zoe.

42-year-old Megan is remembered as being a kind-hearted person and a wonderful mom to her three children. She had a Master’s Degree in physical therapy.

She was into healthy living, environmental responsibility, cooking, and gardening. Her children greatly enjoyed cooking alongside her.

Megan’s obituary reads, “Megan always treated others with kindness and patience and could light up a room with her brilliant smile. Her love of music was pervasive. As a talented singer, flute, and piano player, she shared her passion with her children and was excited about expanding her folk guitar instruction with Tyler.”

“Most of all, Megan’s life was defined by the love she held so strongly for her children. Her entire being was encompassed in her motherhood and she did whatever she could to support her family. Megan will always be remembered as having an exciting zest for life and learning, and for giving her children that same enthusiastic curiosity for the world around them.”

13-year-old Alek is remembered as loving history and being gifted with his schoolwork. He liked to play the piano, play soccer, and play with his brother Tyler. The two enjoyed skateboarding and riding their bikes together.

11-year-old Tyler was the family comedian. He not only loved making people smile and laugh; he loved helping them too when he could.

Tyler was as gifted as his brother Alek, and he was passionate about math. He enjoyed playing the guitar, swimming, and playing soccer.

4-year-old Zoe was loving called “Princess Zoe,” and she was the only girl among 2 brothers. She liked to sing and dance.

Her obituary says, “With two older brothers, she naturally developed a strong personality; when Alek and Tyler went head-to-head, she was never shy to put her hands on her hips and tell them authoritatively, “Now my boys. . . . stop!” Her brothers, like everyone in the family, thought the world of Zoe and would do anything in the world to see her happy and smiling.”

Scrolling through Tony’s Facebook page, it looks like he was a loving husband to Megan and a great father to their three young children.

Facebook; Megan, Anthony’s wife, is pictured above with their three young children

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