Her Patient Passed Away, And Now This New York City Nurse Is Going Viral For Her Gut-Wrenching Post Outlining The Reality Of What’s Happening On The Front Lines

Her patient passed away, and now she’s going viral. A New York City nurse named Jennifer Cole shared the below gut-wrenching post outlining the reality of what’s happening on the front lines.

“I lost a patient today. He was not the first, and unfortunately, he’s definitely not the last. But he was different,” she started out her post by saying.

“I’ve been an ER nurse my entire career, but in New York, I find myself in the ICU. At this point, there’s not really anywhere in the hospital that isn’t ICU, all…positive (for the virus).”

“They are desperate for nurses who can titrate critical medication drips and troubleshoot ventilators.”

“I’ve taken care of this man the last three nights, a first for me. In the ER I rarely keep patients for even one 12 hour shift.”

“His entire two-week stay had been rough for him, but last night was the worst. I spent the first six hours of my shift not really leaving his room.”

“By the end, with so many medications infusing at their maximum, I was begging the doctor to call his family and let them know. “He’s not going to make it”, I said.”

“The poor doctors are so busy running from code to code, being pulled by emergent patients every minute.”

“All I could think of was the voice of my mom in my head, crying as I got on the plane to leave for this place: “Those people are alone, you take good care of them”. I was the only person in that room for three nights in a row, fighting as hard as I could to keep this man alive.”

“The doctor was able to reach the family, update them.”

Please prepare yourself before reading further, as these details are very upsetting.

Facebook; pictured above is the photo this nurse shared

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