Man Asks The Internet If It Was Too Harsh Of Him To Expose A Beauty Guru For Trying To Steal From Him Online In Front Of Her Followers

“She does have a friend who comes over sometimes who is a self-proclaimed beauty guru who does reviews online to her 500 followers.”

“But she doesn’t have a job and ‘borrows’ products from her friends.”

He also added, “She never asks for any of the products she showcases, she stole lipstick from her own sister that was pretty expensive and used at a wedding because she wanted to do a ‘wedding review’ then ended up breaking it.”

“A few months ago she came over, and I had just gone to my room to get dressed, products left on the tub bench…”

“…And I hear her in the bathroom practically squealing “girl you got the good stuff! Let me use it, my followers will love it!”

“I hear my roommate say no that it’s not hers and the friend just says quietly that she’ll use it when I go to work.”

“After I get out of my room to head to work I immediately get my products put them in my room and listen to her start to do her show in our living room, stating what products she’s about to get to which I say loudly.”

“No you’re not, I bought them, if you want them then get a job and buy them.”

I then locked them in my room and since then she’s told me how she lost followers, got mocked for trying to steal and was sobbing in her live stream.”

He then asks if he was too harsh, “or is she upset she got caught?”

One person said to him, “She’s waiting for you to leave so she can use your products that you buy?”

“I know how expensive natural/cruelty-free products can be. I’m glad she got what was coming”

“If she’s such a successful streamer as her mindset claims, she should have the money to buy them herself,” another person replied.

Someone else weighed in with, “If common sense won’t teach her not to steal maybe humiliation will.”

“I’m not one to support embarrassing people but she had no shame at all my goodness. Enjoy your pricy lotions because you worked for them!”

Some more pretty good replies:

“She… Broke a lipstick? I don’t trust her “beauty guru” qualifications”

“Everyone I went to high school with has at least 500 followers and it’s just from all of us adding each other 10+ years ago. Half of us probably wouldn’t even remember each other in person. 500 followers is the standard I got my social media page before I was an adult.”

“Frankly, I’d talk to your roommate about banning this girl from your home unless you’re also home. Who knows what else she’s going to steal and stick her germy hands in???”

You can read the rest of what the internet had to say to him here. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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