The Viral, Heartwarming Story About How This Young Woman Rescued A Cardinal Is What We All Need To Read Right Now

Angela Buck is a young woman from Marysville, Pennsylvania, who shared a heartwarming story on Facebook about how she rescued a cardinal, and now it’s going viral.

Honestly, it’s what we all need to read right now, amid all the negative news surrounding us lately.

It’s also a great lesson in case you need to know what to do if this happens to you!

“This morning I was about to let my dogs out and I saw a cardinal in the driveway,” she started out by explaining.

“I thought “I better shoo it away before Luna and Geno run out there” so I walked out and had no luck getting him to fly away.”

“So I thought “do I pick him up and move him?” Well, I went for it and he hopped on my hand (!!!!) and just sat there.”

Here’s what Angela ended up doing to help this little guy out.

Facebook; Angela shared the above photo of the cardinal sitting in her hand

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