19-Year-Old Asks The Internet If It’s Not Right She’s Demanding To Be Paid To Tutor Her Sister’s Kids Because Her Parents Enable Her

A 19-year-old is online asking if it’s not right that she’s demanding to be paid to tutor her sister’s kids…

…All because her parents enable her. It’s a pretty sad story, actually.

“So my older sister is a narcissist. Plain and simple,” she starts out by explaining.

“We were never close since we had a pretty big age gap (she’s 36 I’m 19) but she was always evil.”

“I remember she used to pinch me as a child and said I ruined her life because my parents had to pay attention to their only other child.”

“She was 17 when I was born but at the time had already dropped out of high school and was in rehab.”

“I never really saw her until I was around 5-6, and that’s when I started hating her.”

“She started having kids when I got to middle school. She has five. They were all born addicted to drugs.”

“My parents adopted them and we have been basically raising them as she goes in and out of prison.”

“My parents have always enabled her behavior, letting her take the kids to their dad’s house (who never saw them any other time their mom wasn’t in jail) for days on end.”

“This causes me major anxiety since they’re so young and I don’t trust her or her baby dad.”

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