Britney Spears Shares That She Spent A Long Time Feeling Like An ‘Ugly Duckling’ And Was Even Turned Down By A Modeling Agency For Not Being ‘Pretty Enough’

Britney Spears is actually pretty fun to keep up with on Instagram. She’s always honest, and she’s always sharing some of her cool workouts.

In one of her latest posts on the ‘gram, Britney showed off her new bangs.

I know, I know, hair stylists the world over are begging you not to do your own bangs, but Britney nailed it!

The 38-year-old pop icon then shared that she spent a long time feeling like an “ugly duckling” and the reason she hasn’t truly had bangs since 3rd grade is because she thought she would be more beautiful if she lost them.

Oh, and apparently a modeling agency turned her down for not being “pretty enough,” which people couldn’t believe.

Here’s what Britney had to say about her past and insecurities.

Instagram; Britney snaps a selfie, above

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