Her Daughters Got Into A Huge Fight Over The Animal Crossing Game, Ending With One Telling The Other To Kill Herself And Now This Mom Is At A Loss For What To Do

A mom recently asked the internet for help, sharing that she really just needs some advice on what just happened with her two daughters.

They got into a huge, blowout fight over the Animal Crossing game, and it ended with one of her daughters telling the other she should go kill herself.

Needless to say, this mom is at a complete loss over what to do about all of this.

“I have two beautiful twin daughters. I had Amy and Bella (fake names) when I was only 22 and my late husband, their father, passed away when they were both still toddlers,” she starts out by explaining.

“We are in a financially comfortable position thanks to my parents and my wonderful inlaws but while there were some really tough times they’re both amazing, smart, and capable young women.”

“They were inseparable when younger but around their teens started to have different friends and spent time apart which I thought was great because I wanted them to develop as individuals too.”

I think that makes sense. Anyone with siblings knows the struggle of needing some time apart to grow into yourself.

“However Bella had a much tougher time growing up than Amy. Amy has made some truly great and supportive friends who she calls on Zoom daily nowadays, but Bella met an incredibly toxic girl when she was 15.”

“She became Bella’s “best friend” but isolated her, constantly put Bella down, and destroyed her self-confidence.”

Oh, boy. I think this is is one of our worst fears when it comes down to kids.

“Back then I had noticed Bella started looking less happy and tried to talk to her but she insisted school was OK and everything was fine.”

“I thought she was embarrassed by her hobbies as she had been made fun of before for cosplaying but I failed to pursue it any further because I was too caught up in my job.”

“I let Bella down and didn’t notice the signs until she broke down in school last year and they sent her home early.”

“Afterwards Bella told me everything and I immediately called her teachers to separate her from her “best friend”.”

That’s definitely a lot for this mom to handle, but things get worse from there.

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