She Was Suffocated To Death With Duct Tape And A Plastic Bag, Before Being Buried In Her Own Home While Her Killer Faked Her Disappearance

Maria Pew Fury was a 28-year-old woman living in Maple Grove, Minnesota. A high-end suburb known as one of the best places in Minnesota that you can live, Maple Grove has plenty of beautiful little parks, trendy stores, and excellent eateries.

It’s a very safe place to find yourself in, which is why it attracts a lot of young families. Nobody could have foreseen something so heinous happening in this charming city, but yet, it did. And it happened to one amazing person.

Maria was adopted by her family from Mexico City, and they were so excited to welcome her with open arms. Her parents did nothing but love her from the start, as did all of her uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Maria was very confident and comfortable with who she was, she despised everything fake, and she didn’t think twice about what people thought about her, which is something most of us strive towards our entire lives.

She graduated cum laude from college. She made sure to live right in the moment. She was passionate about animals.

She enjoyed riding horses, skiing, and wakeboarding. She was something of a foodie.

She cared quite deeply about others, she inspired those around her, and she tried to fix the things in people that were broken.

Maria would not want to be viewed as a victim, even though what happened to her is nothing but a calculated and cold-blooded act.

Facebook; Maria smiles in the photo above, along with her dog, Rocky

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