Beautiful Young Travel Editor Disappears While At A Luxury Resort And The Video Footage That Should Have Captured Her Final Hours Was Erased

Claudia Ann Kirschhoch was a beautiful, young, 29-year-old woman living a life that dreams are made of.

She grew up in New Jersey, worked hard in college to get her journalism degree, and was passionate about traveling the world.

Claudia was bold and confident, and she never shied away from adventure. She picked up her life and moved to France for about a year before moving to New York City.

It was while she lived in the Big Apple that she landed a job most people would love to have. She became the assistant travel editor at Frommer’s Travel Guides.

Claudia literally got paid to travel to exotic and exciting locations while writing about them, too.

Even though Claudia had a dream job, her life ended in what can only be described as a complete nightmare.

Facebook; Claudia is pictured above

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