Her Husband Hired Her Best Friend To Take Her Clothes Off At His Bachelor Party But After She Found Out More It Seems They Cheated And Now She’s Asking The Internet For Help

A 30-year-old woman just found out her 32-year-old husband hired her 26-year-old best friend to take her clothes off at this bachelor party.

After she found this all out after they kept the secret from her for years, it seems they actually cheated together and they’re both telling her very different stories about what happened.

Now, she’s asking the internet for help.

“4 years ago I got married to my husband after dating for 6 years, so 10 years total now,” she started out by saying.

“My friend (Rebecca) has stripped since she was 21, she stopped last year after getting married and is going to be a stay at home mom when her baby is born, since our children – we’re very close and we’re basically neighbors (she lives at the bottom of the road we live on).”

“Last week one of my husband’s friends visited at the same time as Rebecca as I had made plans to shop with her.”

“I forgot to cancel and she showed up.”

Well, what her husband’s friend said left her shocked.

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