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No Assembly Needed: Check Out These Super Cool High-Tech Tiny Homes That Start At $19,000

A few things to point out first; every home is hurricane and earthquake-proof and does not need a foundation at all, just flat ground to put it on.

They’re also made to keep your carbon footprint low, so they come with solar panels and a water collection system too.

Nestron; pictured above is another interior view from one of the tiny homes they offer

Every house you can choose is completely furnished as well, so you get a couch, dining table, built-in bed, and all of the fixtures and appliances you need.

One of the most amazing features that their homes offer is Canny, an AI assistant. Canny connects to every element of the home, from furniture right down the appliances, so these homes are definitely smart.

You literally just need to bring yourself and your personal belongings to move right in!

Nestron; pictured above is the interior of one of the Cube options

The first and most affordable option that Nestron offers is called the Legend One and it starts at $19,000.

It comes with french windows, a bedroom, living room, bar counter, kitchen, and bathroom. The Legend Two is a step up from the One if you need more space. It starts at $39,900.

Nestron; pictured above is one of the tiny homes offered from the Legend line

The next model they offer is the Cube One, and it’s definitely more futuristic in design. They designed it to be reminiscent of a Rubik’s Cube, and it certainly looks like that.

Nestron; pictured above is one of the tiny homes offered from the Cube line

This one starts out at $30,000, but if you’re looking again for a little more living space, the Cube Two has that and starts out at $52,000.

You can check out Nestron’s website here to preorder one of their tiny homes!

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