She Just Found Out The Reason Her Boyfriend Hasn’t Been Physical With Her Is That He Was Abused As A Child And Now She’s Asking The Internet How To Move Forward

A 30-year-old woman just found out the reason her 33-year-old boyfriend hasn’t been physical with her is that he was abused as a child.

Now, she’s asking the internet how to move forward given this information.

“I hope this doesn’t get back to him somehow because this is a deeply personal thing that he shared with me but I would love some advice from others with experience in this area,” she started out by saying.

“I moved here (Texas) a couple of years ago and met this guy at a bar in January.”

“We hit it off and have been seeing each other since then, both through Zoom and in person.”

“However, we have done nothing physical other than a couple of kisses on the cheek and hugs. It really felt like he only saw me as a friend, and I got worried because I was already falling hard for him.”

“He is a sweet, charming, hilarious, and good-looking man, and I honestly thought he was out of my league.”

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