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She Used To Be A Bait Dog And Was Close To Death When She Was Rescued, But Now She’s The Latest Disney Princess

When she was finally healed, Megan and Jason Steinke adopted her and decided to take her to school to be a therapy dog.

Abigail graduated from therapy dog school in September of 2017, and she is now a certified therapy dog along with her “sister,” a rescued Pit Bull named Tala.

Also in September of 2017, Abigail was awarded the American Humane Hero Dog of the Year for being so courageous and brave.

Facebook; Abigail is pictured above with her headband collection

Even Abigail was clearly so abused and terribly treated, she is a happy, loving girl who has overcome so much.

She inspires everyone she meets while going on therapy visits to schools, cancer centers, fire departments, nursing homes, and attending events.

Abigail has become well known for her adorable headbands that she still wears, and she was just featured on the Disney+ show called It’s A Dog’s Life.

Facebook; Abigail wears a stylish plaid bow headband, above

Every episode of It’s A Dog’s Life showcases a “Hometown Hero” dog and two working dogs. Abigail earned the spot of the “Hometown Hero” in episode three, and her sister Tala was featured as well.

Abigail’s mom is saying Abigail is pretty much the latest Disney princess! I think it’s safe to say she’s definitely the cutest one too.

You can follow Abigail and all of her adventures on Facebook here!

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