This Mom Went Viral For Explaining How She Handled A Situation Where Two Girls Told Her Daughter She Couldn’t Play With Them Because She Wasn’t Blonde

“On the walk home, my three-year-old and I had a heart-to-heart about race and exclusion. It wasn’t our first time.”

“The first time was when she was two, and she came home from preschool saying that her skin was black, and we talked about how dark skin is beautiful.”

“Here is the point: parents of color talk about race with our kids all the time. We have no choice.”

Twitter; pictured above is Mathangi’s daughter playing on the playground

“It’s there, everywhere, and we can’t avoid it. I told the blonde kids at the playground that they can’t exclude people.”

“I did it calmly and politely, while their parents watched.”

“But those parents should have intervened. They should’ve said something. My daughter was watching.”

“Their daughters were watching. White parents: TALK TO YOUR KIDS ABOUT RACE. I know it’s uncomfortable.”

“But the rest of us do it all the time. We need you to do it too.”

“Also, please don’t tell me that I imagined this. I am a dark-skinned woman who has been on this planet for almost 40 years.”

“I know racism when I see it. And I definitely know it when it happens to my kid.”

“Just want to thank everyone who has responded and retweeted. I’m still angry, but I feel a lot less alone.”

You can read her original thread on Twitter here.

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