No Nail Salon No Problem: You Can Order These Affordable Nail Kits Right On Amazon And Do Your Nails At Home

Maybe you can’t go, or maybe you’re not comfortable going right now. Whatever the reason, I’m here to tell you no nail salon, no problem.

You can order some highly affordable nail kits right on Amazon and do your own nails at home!

Seriously these kits will make it look like a pro did it…and it’s definitely cheaper than going that route.

So if you have a little extra time on your hands and you’re feeling kind of creative, take a look at these awesome gel manicure options.

Beetles 12 Piece Macaroon Gel Nail Polish Kit

Are these 12 colors not gorgeous and completely summery? I also like that this kit comes with some shades that definitely aren’t so standard.

What’s not included that you should probably pick up is a UV LED light to properly cure the gel, and the top and base layers of polish (to keep your manicure lasting as long as possible).

You can get this kit on sale right now here for $23.99

You can get the top and base layers here for $7.99

You can get the UV LED light on sale right now here for $22.99

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