Supernatural Is Ending After 15 Seasons But One Of The Stars Says It Might Not Really Be Over For Good

Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester, recently went on the Inside of You podcast to chat about the ending of the show, but it looks like it might not really be over.

“The ship has already sailed with this being the last season of Supernatural,” Jensen said. “Jared already has another show lined up.”

“I got a few stokers in the fire… we’re gonna knock this out, we’re gonna do it justice.”

Instagram; pictured above are Jensen and Jared on set for the last season

“I’ve always thought that there was a possibility of you know, five years down the road getting a call and saying, ‘Hey! Let’s do a lil’ short order action for a streaming network and bring them back for six episodes.”

Let’s hope that happens sometime soon!

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