Wow So Clare Crawley Was Just Dumped By Dale Moss On Instagram And It Seems She Was Blindsided

Clare Crawley had one heck of a 2020 and a wild run on The Bachelorette. For the first time in the show’s history, Clare packed it in early and called it quits before the season was even over.

She obviously fell hard for Dale Moss, a former NFL player, and the two got engaged something like 10 or 11ish days after they met one another on the show.

Crazy in love or crazy? Well, we all thought Clare found her prince charming, especially since she posted so many adorable photos and videos of their life after the cameras quit filming on social media.

Honestly, I think we all want to believe in a kind of love like that too; quick, honest, and incredible to watch unfold.

Clare posted on Instagram 3 weeks ago, “2020 has no doubt brought some low lows, but It truly makes me appreciate the highs that it has brought to my life that much more!”

She also shared a photo of her kissing Dale in front of a Ferris wheel, and he commented on the post, “Can’t wait for this new chapter!”

As of yesterday, Dale dumped poor Clare on Instagram, and it seems like she had no idea this was even coming.

Instagram; pictured above is the sweet post that Clare shared about her life with Dale 3 weeks ago

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