CNN Correspondent Rene Marsh Loses Her Toddler To Brain Cancer

Rene Marsh is a CNN correspondent living in Washington, D.C. She gave birth to her son Blake on March 14th, 2019.

When Blake was just 9-months-old, he was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor called pineoblastoma, which mostly impacts children.

In February of last year, Rene publicly opened up about Blake’s diagnosis, sharing that she first realized something was wrong when his left eye wasn’t moving properly.

Blake stopped being able to look to the left, and that’s when Rene and her husband made an appointment for their son to see a doctor.

Although it initially seemed like Blake had something wrong with his eye, it turns out the tumor in his brain was pressing up against the nerve in charge of controlling eye movements.

As Blake turned 10-months-old, he had to go through chemo and brain surgery. He then had a terrible reaction to chemo and nearly died after his heart stopped.

Instagram; Rene is pictured with Blake, above

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