Her Husband Tricked Her “Into Taking In His Love Child” And Now She’s Telling The Internet She Doesn’t Know What To Do With This Mess

A woman’s husband brought home a toddler and said it was his cousin’s child, but he couldn’t take care of her at the moment.

Well, it turns out this child is not his cousin’s…this child is actually his.

“My husband and I have been together for 7 years and married for 3,” she started out by explaining.

“He recently came home with a toddler and claimed it was his cousin’s secret child and we had to watch her for a few days until his wife calmed down and they could get the stuff they needed for her.”

“He said it would be good practice for us for when our little one arrived.”

“I thought this was weird, but his cousin sent me a text verifying his story and I wasn’t going to throw a toddler out, so I just went along with it.”

They already had a nursery finished for their baby, so she thought it wouldn’t be a big deal for the toddler to stay there for a short time.

Watching the baby for a few days turned into way more than that. Days went by…then weeks…then an entire month.

This woman was now 8 months pregnant and she desperately needed the space in the nursery for her own child, which was about to come any day.

“I finally sat my husband down and told him he had to get his cousin to come to pick his daughter up because we would need the nursery soon,” she said.

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