Her Husband Tricked Her “Into Taking In His Love Child” And Now She’s Telling The Internet She Doesn’t Know What To Do With This Mess

He acted very strange and said he just needs a bit more time, like another week or so. She didn’t have a good feeling about this at all.

She then confronted her husband and straight-up asked if he wasn’t sharing something with her, which he denied all the way.

She kept pushing, saying he only would get one shot to explain the truth to her and if he didn’t take that opportunity now, she was putting divorce on the table for later.

“He admitted he had cheated on me and the little girl is his from a one-night stand, her mother recently passed away and he was contacted to take custody, or she would’ve been put into foster care.”

Her husband apologized and said he couldn’t let this little girl end up in foster care, so he took her in and lied about it.

He then said he wants to raise this little girl as their own, and because their baby on the way is a boy everything would end up being great. They would have one boy and one girl and they obviously are siblings too.

Understandably, she left the house after this all came out and went to stay with her mom. “I just feel so numb,” she admitted. “I keep expecting the tears to come and they haven’t.”

Her husband is texting her non-stop, pleading with her to return to their house. He keeps telling her he can’t raise this little girl alone and he needs her now more than ever and loves her.

She stated that there’s just no way her husband loves her because if he did, he never would have put her in this situation.

She then wondered what she should do next because this is such an outright mess.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Your husband should’ve come clean that he cheated on you around the time you got married. Your husband should’ve come clean when he found out he got her pregnant.”

“Your husband should’ve come clean when the mom died. Your husband should’ve come clean when he decided to take in his daughter.”

“He ONLY confessed when you had him cornered and he had no way to slide out of it. As long as you were accepting, he wasn’t going to come clean.”


“He had so many chances to be a good human.”


“In his eyes, the truth is optional in your relationship and will only be had when the lie fails. You still don’t know the full truth.”

“And it sounds like you never will, because he will only tell you the truth when he knows he can’t get away with a lie.”


“This is obviously a very tough situation and I don’t think anyone would blame you for feeling like he has fully betrayed any trust you had.”

“Counseling is always a suggestion, but tbh this is disgusting. Maybe if he had just fessed up and told you from the start then I could see redemption from him.”

“But he went so far out of his way to do this that he got family involved to lie to you. He tried to trap you into accepting this child instead of telling you his transgressions and accepting the fallout.”

“I would be getting as far away from him as possible. If he is willing to lie to you like this… what else is he willing to do? And how long until you find out?”


You can read the rest of the advice the internet had for her here.

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