She Was Shot By Her Husband Who Hid In A Shower And He’s Now On The Run After Making Bond

On October 21st of last year, the La Marque Police Department rushed to Savannah’s home on Hawks View Drive after a 911 call came in about a shooting.

Savannah’s mom Shirley met with responding officers and explained to them that Savannah had some kind of incident earlier that day with her estranged husband Trent.

Savannah had driven to school to make sure her children were ok before returning home and meeting her mom there.

Facebook; Savannah snaps a photo with her phone, above

Savannah’s mom walked into the bathroom leading off her bedroom, and suddenly, Trent jumped out of the shower.

He had been hiding inside of it, lying in wait, and he had a gun. He threatened to shoot Shirley as well as Savannah, and Shirley was able to close the bathroom door and start running.

Savannah sadly was not able to get away, and Trent shot her. When officers got to Savannah’s bedroom, they found her lying on the floor, bleeding from her stomach.

Although they performed CPR on her until the medics arrived, Savannah passed away at Mainland Medical Center.

Facebook; Savannah is pictured above with her estranged husband Trent

“On October 21st, 2020, Savannah Paschal was needlessly gunned down by her estranged husband,” Stephanie Hill wrote on the GoFundMe page created for Savannah and her family.

“Her death is an absolute shock to her family and the community. Her two children and her parents are now left to pick up the pieces.”

“As such, we’d like to rally as a community to help cover as many costs as we can for her parents.”

“This will include, but not be limited to, funeral expenses and expenses that will be needed for the children’s care.”

You can donate to the GoFundMe to help Savannah’s children here.

Facebook; pictured above is another photo of Savannah and Trent

Authorities eventually caught up with 48-year-old Trent, arresting him and charging him with Savannah’s murder.

Trent was later released on bond, and he was also ordered to wear an ankle monitor. Somehow, he slipped out of it earlier this month and is now on the run.

If you see Trent, police have asked you to please call 911 and not confront him at all. Below are more photos of him from his mugshots.

La Marque Police Department; pictured above is Trent

La Marque Police Department; pictured above is Trent with glasses on

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