His Wife Pranked Him About Several Pregnancies So When She Finally Announced Being Pregnant For Real He Flipped Out On Her And Is Asking The Internet For Help

His sister got up and brought over a little stuffed bear to him. It had a note attached to it. He was already getting upset that his wife was trying to pull some kind of prank in front of his whole family.

He opened up the note on the bear, and his wife had written inside that he is about to be a dad.

When he looked up from the note, his wife was smiling at him and saying congratulations, because she’s pregnant.

“I saw red completely. I said that’s it! I got up from my seat and tossed the piece of paper on the table and just snapped telling her to stop making fun of something so serious and sensitive,” he continued.

“I told her I was done with her lack of respect and sympathy for the most important thing that I’ve been struggling with and to include my parents in her prank too was low.”

His wife then got up and went to the bathroom, while his parents were left shocked and in the dark about what was going on.

His parents treated him like the bad one, not knowing that his wife had previously pranked him about being pregnant twice.

His sister stepped in to mention that his wife had taken pregnancy tests that she had seen, and his sister confirmed that it was all real.

He did feel happy this wasn’t a joke in the end, but he was completely devastated thinking this was the third time his wife was pulling this prank on him.

“My wife was mad and argued with me in the car saying I ruined her joy and made her look awful in front of my family as well as lashing out at her as my reaction to the happy news,” he wrote.

She thought that by involving his parents in this announcement he would just know it wasn’t a joke this time.

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