After Her Aunt Went Rogue At A Wedding, She Dumped Red Wine All Over Her

Yes, weddings are supposed to be some of the happiest days of our lives, but more often than not there’s usually one crazy family member who sets out to ruin things for everyone.

One wedding-going young woman had an aunt go pretty much rogue, so she dumped red wine all over her to curb her behavior.

This young woman explained that her mom’s side of the family is entirely selfish and dramatic.

She said it’s like having “20 Karens each with handfuls of expired coupons all complaining to the same manager.”

She does her best to stay away from all of them, but she does have one cousin in this part of the family who is quite lovely.

Her cousin got married and obviously invited all of the family members to the wedding, but things did not go so well.

One of their aunts who pretty much always kicks off the family drama arrived early to the wedding, and she was wearing off-white.

“I was the maid of honor and asked my cousin if I needed to give her the boot but she said it was off white enough to let it slide,” she explained.

“She did beg me to do everything I could to prevent any outbursts or drama though so I was on high alert.”

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