Her Best Friend Sleeps With Every Guy She Has Ever Been Involved With And She’s Asking The Internet How To Handle This

“I gotta stop making excuses though, I’ve tried to convince myself this stuff was ok but it is weird and toxic.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“With all the men existing in the world, she deliberately chooses guys you dated in the past? She’s not respecting your friendship at all. Get rid of her, she will cause you only trouble in the future.”


“She is not your friend. Even if she was giving it out to everyone, a real friend would give you a heads up, to make sure there are no residual/unresolved feelings. And it seems like she is seeking them out, which is weird.”

“I had a friend kind of like this once. When I discovered something was up, I made her think I was in love with a guy she thought was super disgusting.”

“It was part testing my theory, part revenge if she failed my test. Yeah, she failed my test, I died laughing, and we’re not friends anymore.”


“Here’s a shot in the dark: She idolizes you and figures that if you see something good in someone, she wants that.”

“It’s a lot like the girl who decides she wants a husband, so she goes out to get someone else’s husband. “If he makes her happy, he will make me happy” Not realizing that happiness is within.”


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