Her Boyfriend Slept With His Best Friend And Now She’s Asking The Internet If He’s Going To Leave Her For This Girl

Her boyfriend claims he only slept with his friend one time, but she thinks it would be stupid of her not to second guess this.

Oh, and her boyfriend’s friend recently wrote a letter to him that she signed “I love you.”

Anyway, her boyfriend’s friend now lives out of state, and her boyfriend wanted to take a trip to see her.

She had a very long talk with him, laying out that she was uncomfortable with him going to visit his friend. In the end, he agreed to not go.

She thought this was all behind them, but then her boyfriend’s friend called him up to say she was going to be moving back.

Her boyfriend did not immediately tell her…instead he waited until that night to break the news to her while they had friends over, and she strongly suspects he intentionally did this to prevent her from voicing her opinion.

“We got into a disagreement over me not condoning the two of them going out to drink and hanging out,” she said.

She ended up giving him 2 choices; he can go out with her anyway and ignore her feelings or he can respect her feelings and choose not to go hang out with her.

Her boyfriend picked the first choice and then saw she was not going to put up with him, so then he chose the second option.

Her boyfriend has picked his friend’s side over hers on several occasions, and she is becoming worried.

It’s not that she’s concerned that he will cheat on her; she’s concerned that his friend clearly has feelings for her boyfriend.

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