Her Husband Created A Fake Online Life In Order To Talk To Another Woman And She’s Confiding In The Internet That This Makes Her So Sad

She kept reading and couldn’t believe it all. Her husband was speaking to this other woman in extraordinary detail about his completely false life.

“She asks him at one point if he’s married and he doesn’t tell her he is,” she said. “She sends video clips slowly scanning up and down her body after a workout, photos of her trying on dresses and posing seductively, and he tells her how hot she is.”

“With lots of winky faces. And she is perfectly his type, while I know I am not.”

She doesn’t consider herself to be jealous, and her husband actually speaks to a couple of his exes on a consistent basis, which has never bothered her.

Her husband also has a ton of friends that are female, and again, this doesn’t concern her either.

“Him talking to another woman isn’t at all the problem here,” she continued. “But inventing a fake life that erases me and our son, and blatantly flirting with someone else bothers me.”

“I thought we had the kind of relationship where if someone was hitting on one of us we’d tell each other and high five, not keep it a secret.”

She has not told her husband that she discovered his secret messages with this other woman, and now she is left feeling incredibly sad while wondering what to do now.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“He is emotionally cheating on you and catfishing someone else. You have a right to be upset.”

“If you want to stay together and work things out, he needs to be honest about what drove him to this route. You may even want couples counseling.”

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