Her Mother-In-Law Brought Her Husband’s Ex-Wife To Their Wedding As A Plus One

Alright, heads up, because this has to be one of the craziest wedding stories I’ve ever had to tell you about.

A 28-year-old woman first met her 27-year-old husband around 4 years after he had divorced his wife Mindy.

Her husband’s family called Mindy “the love of his life” and it really doesn’t bother her at all that they say or think it.

Her husband has gone to great lengths to insist that Mindy wasn’t exactly the love of his life, and he felt that their marriage was incredibly toxic.

Eventually, the relationship that Mindy and her husband had got so awful, they came to the joint conclusion to walk away from it and each other.

When she came into the picture post-Mindy, her husband’s family really did not accept her. Her mother-in-law particularly didn’t want to get to know her because she was very attached to Mindy.

Mindy eventually moved away because she did not want to live close to her husband, and when that happened, her mother-in-law really struggled.

That’s the level of closeness we’re talking about here between her mother-in-law and Mindy.

It took time, but she did come to get closer to her mother-in-law. It came about after her father-in-law passed away, which destroyed her mother-in-law.

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