She Let Her Large Dogs Chase The Neighbor’s Kids Out Of Her Yard And Now She’s Telling The Internet She’s Being Accused Of Traumatizing The Kids

Luckily, she had security cameras, and she was able to show the video footage from that to the police officer. Clearly, the mom was lying.

The police didn’t move forward with anything after seeing the videos, but the mom is “trying to keep the case open.”

The kids never creep on her property anymore, and she thinks that she never did anything really wrong here.

She’s still trying to keep the case open, but I feel as if I’ve done little to no wrong. Her boys don’t bother us anymore, and her children aren’t hurt and were never going to be.

She then added, “I did tell the police that they were attempting to break into my house, it was obvious from the video too.”

“I just decided not to press charges considering the only reason they’re acting like this is because they have a neglectful mother.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Be careful they don’t try to harm your dogs when you’re not at home.”


“…You did those kids a favor by (safely) showing them what could happen when trespassing. Do you have security cameras for both the front and back doors? If not, I would install some just in case the mother tries to retaliate. Also, maybe have a camera inside your house as well?”


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