She Says She Deleted Her Daughter’s Tinder Match Because It Would Have Exposed Her Deep, Dark, Secret And The Internet Is Struggling With This

The man her daughter matched with, named Joe, was her “high school fling” and she had a very complex relationship with him.

Her parents (who are both dead) and her ex-husband are the only people who are aware of the relationship that they had together, and the secret they share.

“It’s a secret I’m resolute in bringing to the grave with me,” she continued.

“Freshman year in college when both of us turned 18, we went on a road trip to Las Vegas where we got married at one of those wedding chapels.”

Then she got pregnant, and her parents were both furious with her.

She told Joe she was pregnant, and he flipped out because he felt that he was not able to be a father.

Her parents helped her get their marriage annulled, and because nobody had social media back then, it didn’t seem strange that she decided to take a year off and not go to college.

People assumed she was taking that year to travel and enjoy herself when in reality she was pregnant and hiding it from everyone.

After she had her baby, she gave the child up for adoption and Joe vanished after their marriage was annulled.

“During that time, I met a very nice man from a fellowship group who, despite my messy history and pregnancy, accepted me for who I am,” she explained.

“A year after adoption/recovery and self-discovery, we married and had my now beautiful daughters.”

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