13 Years Ago She Ended Up Naked And Covered In Cuts On A Stranger’s Doorstep Saying Someone Was Out To Get Her Before Disappearing

Christine’s family back in Deerfield had no reason to worry about her at first. She frequently reached out to check in, but then that started to change.

As the weeks went by, her contact became more sporadic, which certainly wasn’t typical of her behavior. She also started asking her parents to send her money.

And then in November, her parents learned of something terrifying that happened to her.

Facebook; Christine is pictured above in a garden

On November 12th, 2008, Christine appeared in Arcata, on a stranger’s doorstep in the hours of the morning.

She was standing there completely stark naked. Her feet had blood on them. Her body was covered in cuts that appeared to have been made by briar bushes.

Christine was confused, disoriented, and scared. The person whose house she ended up at immediately called the police, who came to get Christine and take her to St. Joseph’s Hospital back in Eureka.

She later said that someone was out to get her and chasing her, but that’s all she could say. She didn’t give any further details, except that this person was running through the woods after her.

A drug test was performed and came back negative.

The police really didn’t have a reason to keep her, given her mental health appeared to be fine and she wasn’t under the influence of anything.

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