The Woman Her Husband Cheated On Her With Wants To Be Friends But She’s Telling The Internet She Wants Nothing To Do With This Woman

I mean, you can hardly blame her for wanting nothing to do with the reason her marriage fell apart in the first place.

Anyway, after she told her ex-husband’s mistress that she wanted nothing to do with her, this woman sobbed and accused her of trying to keep their daughters from being friends.

Her ex-husband’s mistress then tried to tell her that she never knew about her, and she tried to pin the previous cheating on this guy claiming she was innocent.

Who really knows what the truth about all of this is at this point.

Weirdly enough though, this mistress never was sympathetic to her while she was still married to her ex-husband, so imagine how surprised she was to see this woman seeking sympathy from her.

She then went on to say this woman called her a jerk in more or fewer words after realizing she wasn’t going to be there for her as a friend in any way shape or form.

She did fill her sister in on the situation, and her sister does feel that she should consider her daughter having a relationship down the road with her half-sister.

She does not quite agree with her sister; she feels it’s her ex’s responsibility to get the girls together if he thinks they should have any semblance of a relationship.

Her daughter is 8, and her daughter’s half-sister is 7. Her daughter knows that she has a half-sister, but she really doesn’t care.

Since her daughter doesn’t feel the need to bond or spend time with her half-sister, she’s not about to push the relationship on her daughter.

The internet honestly couldn’t believe this mistress thinks they can now go about being friends due to her impending divorce.

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